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Welcome to my garden!

After three years my web page has been redone and I hope you will enjoy strolling in this freshly planted garden. Many of you visit every day - thank you!

Special thanks goes to Meta Wraber who designed the page and Riki who set it up, to my loving family, my husband and my children who have been supporting me from the very start and never stopped believing in my plans, kept peeking in, counting the clicks, and encouraging me with their witty observations. I thank Judita Preberg to whom I am indebted for countless insights, thoughts and ideas that are present in these pages. I am grateful to all women from the Feeling Blessed workshop groups who write to me, contribute and suggest new topics … and to men who come through and help me understand their world.

A few words about me for those who don’t know me yet:

I was born in Loka pri Zidanem Mostu, Slovenia, in 1953 and I live in Sesljan near Trieste, Italy. I hold a university degree in philosophy, psychology track. I am married and have three grown-up children (or they have me…). I teach at Slovenian lyceum Slomšek in Italy and spend my free time writing essays and literature, holding lectures and workshops, and, last but not least, editing this web page. Here you can find over a thousand pages of material and I still add something new every week for life is full of encouragements! I am most interested in childhood psychology, psychology of the body and interpersonal relationships, advocating for the culture of peace.

And now for something more personal …

Happiness is flowers in bloom, birds, small forest animals, all shapes of water, be it morning dew or evening fog, tiny drops or boundless sea. I like bees, leaves of grass and tree trunks, all shades of violet, vanilla, children’s toys, evening air and morning stars. Meta couldn’t have drawn all of this and fit everything in of course! The source that feeds this online garden is hidden too, but it gurgles under the trees and all the roots and small animals that live here know it. You are welcome to quench your thirst here too and if you listen, you can hear it inside yourself. It never tires, its sound, now quiet now cheerful, can be heard night or day, in all seasons.

No one is too old here, it is never too late and we’re never in a hurry.

Everything waits and our seeds are safe.

Here we can all stay raw and unspoilt, it is easy to find innocence, for it is our home.

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